Games for Halloween

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Candy Relay
Fill two plastic jack-o-lanterns with equal amounts of candy and set them on one end of the room. Set two empty plastic jack-o-lanterns on the opposite end of the room. Divide children into two teams, and give each team a spoon or pair of chopsticks. Students must race to pick up one piece of candy using their utensil (no hands allowed) from the first bucket and deposit it in the second bucket. The first team to move all their candy from one side of the room to the other wins. 

For added variety, require children to transport the candy in a certain manner (jumping, hopping on one foot, skipping, tip-toeing, etc.).

Monster Cake Walk
Print and laminate at least two sets of monster cards. (You will need two sets for the first 12 children and one additional set for each additional twelve children thereafter.) Set one set of cards aside. Attach the other set(s) to floor in a circle, placing cards about 24 inches apart.

Have children march from card to card while Halloween music plays in the background. Turn off music at random intervals and have each child freeze when the music stops. Draw one card from the reserved deck. Give whomever is standing on that card a sticker, a piece of candy, or another small treat for his or her goody bag.

Mummy Wrap
Divide children into teams. Give each team several rolls of toilet paper. Students must race to wrap the smallest member of the team as a mummy. The mummy must be wrapped from head to toe, with no skin or clothing exposed. The first team to wrap their mummy completely wins.

Pumpkin Toss
Purchase at least half a dozen small stuffed pumpkins or pumpkin balls (available from Oriental Trading Companyicon) and at least half a dozen Halloween treat buckets or pails.

Divide children into two or more teams. Give each team three buckets and three stuffed pumpkins. Set buckets up in a vertical row and assign each bucket a point value (10 points for the closest bucket, 25 for the middle bucket, 50 for the farthest). Let children take turns trying to toss the pumpkins into the buckets. Keep score, and give each child on the winning team a small treat to add to their goody bag.

Stick the Arm on the Skeleton
Use an opaque projector to enlarge a picture of a skeleton to life size. Trace, cut, and laminate. Attach skeleton (minus one arm) to wall. Put double-sided tape or sticky-tack on remaining arm. Blindfold one child at a time. Spin him or her around, then hand the child the arm. Give each child a chance to try stick the arm to the skeleton. Give a sticker or piece of candy to any child who gets the arm in approximately the right spot.

Variation: Cut a pumpkin out a of a large piece of orange poster board. Add eyes and a nose, then cover with clear plastic coating. Cut a mouth from a sheet of black construction paper. Let children take turns sticking the mouth on the jack-o-lantern.

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